Beaches & Ponds

Enjoy The Best Beaches & Ponds In Chatham

End of Lighthouse beach

Beaches (Ocean)

 Lighthouse Beach (Closest to Surfside Inn)**

  • Chatham - A quick walk from Surfside Inn
  • No Lifegaurd, Swimming permitted (See Note Below)
  • Chatham Lighthouse Beach sits below the watchful gaze of Chatham Light, an active lighthouse at the Coast Guard Station that aids in the navigation of Chatham Waters.
  • One of the most beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy in the area please be careful if swimming! The waters of Lighthouse Beach are dynamic. The strong currents and tides are influenced by wind and weather conditions. The strength of the current at Lighthouse Beach is significant.
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 Nauset Beach (By Quick Water Shuttle or by Car)

  • A stunning beach running form the town of Orleans to our north hanging down protecting plesent bay.
  • You can charter a boat, drive down, or take a local water shuttle.
  • If you have a fourwheel drive car you can buy a pass to drive on to the outer beach, fun to be had by all from the convience of your truck bed.
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 Harding Beach

  • Large Parking area, parking attendate on duty
  • Small to medium waves
  • Lifegaurd on duty during summer season
  • Harding Beach Road Chatham, MA

 Popular beaches (National Sea-shore)

  • Coast Guard Beach
    • Often recognized as one of the top 10 of America's beas beaches.
    • No drop off or pick up for cars, must park nearby and take free shuttle
    • 2 Ocean View Dr, Eastham, MA
    • Lifeguard on duty during summer season
    • 508.255.3421
  • Marconi Beach - Marconi Beach Road Wellfleet, MA
  • Nauset Light Beach - Cable Road Eastham, MA
  • Race Point - Race Point Road Provincetown, MA

Ponds & Swimming (freshwater)

 Crystal lake

  • Narrow beach, great for swimming
  • Has parking (8 cars on Monument Road side)
  • 508.240.3775
  • Monument Road Orleans, MA

 Schoolhouse Pond

  • Small roped off swim area
  • calm water
  • favorate of local families with very small children
  • No attendant
  • 508.945.5180
  • Schoolhouse Pond Road Chatham, MA

Great Pond**

  • Small beach, large pond,
  • Shaded with pine trees, (pine needles on the beach area)
  • Small parking area - attandent on duty
  • Favorate of families with children on upper cape
  • 508.349.9818
  • Cahoon Hollow Road Wellfleet, MA
  • 508.945.5180
  • Schoolhouse Pond Road Chatham, MA

**Staff Favorite